Sara Riel Inc. was established by the Grey Nuns of Manitoba in 1977 to address the "Revolving Door Syndrome" identified by the Psychiatric Department at St. Boniface General Hospital.  With the  "Revolving Door Syndrome", people with mental illnesses have their condition stabilized in hospital but are unable to maintain a state of wellness in the community and are readmitted repeatedly to hospital. Through the programs and Services at Sara Riel Inc., people with mental health concerns receive the housing support, rehabilitation and employment counselling they require to facilitate a successful transition into the community.

Sara Riel Inc. is a charitable organization that provides voluntary programs and services in a community-based setting to adults experiencing mental health concerns. Sara Riel Inc. receives core funding through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority but relies on the generosity of donors for other expenses.  The Sara Riel Foundation undertakes a variety of fundraising endeavours throughout the year to fund capital projects and provide some very important "extras" that support client recovery and long-term success.