Seneca Respite - Guest Rights and Responsibilities

The Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite Guest Rights and Responsibilities document is a collection of Rights inherent to all Guests of Seneca Respite, they include:

  • The right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • The right to keep my personal property safe and secure.
  • The right to feel safe in a clean and comfortable environment.
  • The right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • The right to freedom of movement.
  • The right to have my concerns heard.
  • The right to smoke in the area designated.

In addition to the details of each of these Rights, we outline the corresponding Responsibilities which are necessary for Guests to adhere to, in order to ensure we can make the Rights available.

Upon each visit to Seneca Respite, as a part of our Check-In procedures, all Guests will be asked to read, initial and sign their understanding and acceptance of the Rights and Responsibilities as listed in the document. The document will be held in a secure file from the time of each individuals check-in until their subsequent check-out, after which it will be appropriately shredded to ensure confidentiality. Failure to initial and sign the document will be understood as a potential guest's unwillingness to participate in the Check-In procedures and in the Seneca Respite service.

To download the full Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite Guest Rights and Responsibilities document, please click here.

Seneca Respite - Bed Bug Prevention Procedures

In order to maintain the stringent Bed Bug Prevention Procedures of our new location, Seneca Respite will continue to follow procedures similar to those that had previously been established for a Seneca House Check-In and Check-Out.


As you arrive and are greeted, you will be escorted to Seneca Respite where the items and clothing that you have brought in with you will be checked. (Remember, if the amount is greater than what we have established, you will be asked to take some items home before you are permitted to gain access.) If the amount you bring in is acceptable, we will proceed with the Check-In.

In the washroom, you will be provided with two (2) sealable plastic bins. The larger bin is for all the items and clothing that can be laundered (including those you are wearing); while the smaller bin is for those items which cannot be laundered (including any medications you may have brought with you in a sealable ziplock bag).

You will then be required to shower, placing the clothing you are wearing in the larger bin and placing the lid on it securely. There will be two towels which we provide for your continued use for the duration of your stay, as well as some comfortable clothing (if sizing permits) and a pair of socks for you to wear until your laundry is complete.

When you complete your shower and dress, we will take the smaller bin to your assigned private room so that you can lock it securely, and then you are invited to relax in the suite so we can start your laundry and clean the washroom. (Please be aware that all of the items in the larger bin will be washed and dried at high heat and note that your clothing is washed alone, not with any other guest's or Seneca laundry, (your clothing will only be laundered this once during your stay.)

After that, a Peer Support Worker will invite you to a private area where you can discuss your Check-In and complete any necessary paperwork, including the Guest Rights and Responsibilities document. Once your clothing is laundered, it will be returned to you so that you may change and return our provided clothing for laundering.

If you have bed bugs, and return to your home (or any other location which may have bed bugs) during your stay at Seneca, you will be required to repeat all of the above procedures.


Upon check-out, you and a Peer Support Worker will review the state of the room in which you stayed. In order to help you establish your own individual abilities to recognize and prevent be bugs, we ask that you work with the Peer Support Worker on the following tasks.

  • All bed linens (covers, blankets, flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases, etc.) will be checked carefully as the bed is stripped and the items bagged tightly for laundering.
  • Then the mattress will be taken off so that the slats and frame of the bed can be checked vacuumed and wiped down.
  • The bed frame will be moved so that the floor and baseboards covered by the bed can be vacuumed and wiped down.
  • The mattress and seams will be checked for bedbugs, and then replaced on the frame, and the bed made with fresh linens.
  • The closets/wardrobes and bedside tables will be checked and wiped down.
  • Once the bed bug check has been completed, and we are confident you are not taking any home with you, we can ensure that you have all of your belongings from the room, and complete the check out.
  • The check-out continues with:
    • returning your room key
    • returning any borrowed items (additional pillows or blankets, etc.)
    • completing the Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Services Guest Evaluation Form