Seneca Respite

Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite opened on June 1, 2014, with support of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the Board of Directors of Seneca House, which closed as of the same date.

The Client Services Team at Sara Riel Inc. was happy to bring on-board the majority of the Peer Support staff of Seneca House, who will continue, along with a few new team members, to provide respite services of the highest quality to our valued guests. Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite will continue to use a Peer Supported Respite Model as our method of service delivery. Services will continue to support up to five (5) guests at a time, for up to five (5) nights per stay, providing full 24-hour respite support in our safe and comfortable, home-like environment.

Seneca Respite is now located in the recently opened Sara Riel apartment block "Place Bernadette Poirier" at 210 Kenny Street in St. Boniface. The newly renovated suites 107 and 109 have now been transformed into a five (5) bedroom, two (2) full bathroom, modern apartment with a large kitchen and dining area on one side and comfortable and relaxing living area on the other.

Seneca Respite is not a "crisis centre" - our services are best-suited for those persons requiring a break, experiencing isolation or encountering what we might term "pre-crisis" situations, prior to their escalation to crisis. If you are at that place where you feel no one is listening, or could even possibly understand what you are going through, then the Services of Sara Riel inc. - Seneca Respite may be for you, or someone you know.

Our Peer Support Workers have all experienced a level of mental health recovery, and while they may not have experienced exactly what you or your loved ones have, they have, at some point, shared something similar, which may be of some advantage to anyone on a recovery journey.

To review our "Guest Rights and Responsibilities" document and other policies and procedures regarding Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite, please click here.

In order to take advantage of Seneca Respite, your first step is to apply to Sara Riel Inc. Please download our newly adapted, user-friendly "Application for Services" form, please click here.

Seneca Warm Line

The Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Warm Line will continue to provide telephone support service between the hours of 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Dedicated Peer Support Workers are available to talk, provide support and/or suggest possible resources to persons calling during these times. To ensure we are available to assist to as many callers as possible, we limit calls to a 15-minute maximum.

Sara Riel Inc. - Seneca Respite
Suite 109 - 210 Kenny Street
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2E4

Seneca Respite Phone: 204-231-0217
Seneca Warm Line: 204-942-9276

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Sara Riel Inc. – Seneca Respite, please contact:

Dave Stewart
Manager, Client Services
204-237-9263 Ext. 129

If you have any questions regarding the status of your Application for Services, please contact:

Judy Klein Taylor
Intake/Discharge Worker
204-237-9263 Ext. 149