Respecting each person as a whole: mind, body and spirit, through supporting the individual’s goals from a strength focused perspective.

Community Recovery Services

Sara Riel provides access for service recipients with serious and persistent mental illness to a holistic model of service delivery that includes: affordable, integrate housing of their choosing in the community (this also includes subsidized independently leased suites in our Marion apartment blocks; support to fulfill desired roles in the community; support in setting and achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals including harm reduction related to substance use; access to medical, social and spiritual supports; medication management support; support to find and maintain competitive employment, and access to peer led respite support services to help address their self-identified needs.

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Portable Housing Benefit

In 2009, Sara Riel Inc. was of three agencies in Winnipeg selected to administer the Portable Housing Benefit, with 50 spots allocated. The PHB is a market rental subsidy made available to adults on Employment Income Assistance who have a mental health disability and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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Work Placement Force

The Sara Riel Inc. Work Placement Force Program (WPF) supports adults living in Winnipeg and surrounding areas who experience mental health concerns with their goal of achieving competitive employment.

The Program is funded through Entrepreneurship Training and Trade and Family Services and Consumer Affairs. The program began at the request of the Canada Employment Centre in St. Boniface in June of 1990 and has been in full operation since August 27, 1990. The Work Placement Force provides support for up to100 clients annually. Fifty percent of clients are expected to be employed during the contract year.

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