Mission/Vision Statement

Sara Riel Inc. provides quality services in community supports, housing and employment to persons with mental health challenges through best practices, client choices and partnerships.


Sara Riel Inc. is recognized as a leader through a person-centered approach to people living with mental health issues. Commitment to exploring, developing and adapting well-researched best practices for persons living with mental health challenges is a key focus for Sara Riel Inc.


Sara Riel Inc. makes a real difference and succeeds at enhancing and ensuring rehabilitation. Persons with mental health challenges involved in our programs realize their goals and live interdependently.


Respect and compassion for the person as a whole mind, body and spirit

  •  Takes into account each individual’s strengths and challenges as experienced by the individual.

Commitment to continuous learning and growth

  •  Individuals are directly involved and participate in their own learning.

Organizational excellence

  •  To create an environment that fosters growth and learning.