Spring Cleaning

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spring cleaning

Spring is the time where the snow melts, the birds start chirping, and everything starts to feel fresh and new again. We hear the term “spring cleanup” around this time of year, due to wanting the fresh feeling to not only be outdoors, but also inside our homes. In this article I will discuss how we can go about having a cleaner home.

Marie Kondo, a professional organizing consultant, specializes in keeping a clean and happy home. One of the many things she teaches is to keep only the things that spark you joy. She suggests looking at the things you own, if something does not bring you joy, get rid of it. She says this leads to a happier, and tidier home environment.

Here are some helpful tips by Marie Kondo:

1. “Does it spark joy?” if not get rid of it.
2. After you fold your clothes, put them in your drawers standing up.
3. It’s OK to get rid of gifts.
4. Stop saving your sample-size beauty products to “take on trips”.
5. Books aren’t sacred, you can get rid of them.
6. It’s also deeply OK to rid of all the free stuff that you don’t want/need.
7. Remember that tidying is about choosing what to keep, not what to get rid of.

Following these tips and tricks are ways we can own a cleaner and happier home, according to Marie Kondo. While the snow is still melting and its too wet to go outside, and you are sitting at home bored, why not try some spring cleaning! See if it sparks joy in your life.

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