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Tara Brousseau Snider named Executive Director of Sara Riel Inc.
Neill Johnson, Chair of the Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tara Brousseau Snider as Executive Director of Sara Riel Inc, effective June 15, 2019.

Sara Riel is a Community of Service of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM), supporting people with mental health and addiction concerns to recover and thrive in a community-based setting through a range of services including housing, counselling, rehabilitation and employment.

Ms. Brousseau Snider brings over 30 years of administrative and counselling experiences to the role of Executive Director. After completing a Masters in Psychological Counselling from Yorkville University, Ms. Brousseau Snider spent a brief period in private practice before joining Eden Health Service’s Recovery of Hope Program as a therapist. She is also the Vice-Chair of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. Most recently, Ms. Brousseau Snider has been the Director of the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba since 2007.

“We are very pleased to welcome Tara Brousseau Snider to Sara Riel,” says Neill Johnson. “The Board of Directors believes her knowledge, range of experiences and interest in people will be instrumental in ensuring Sara Riel’s programs and services continue to serve the needs of its clients today and in the future. Under Ms. Brousseau Snider’s leadership, Sara Riel will be well positioned to work with its partners in responding to the Virgo Report recommendations.”

Daniel Lussier, CEO of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba says, “We are pleased to welcome Ms. Brousseau Snider to the CHCM family. We look forward to Sara Riel continuing to work with current and new partners and agencies to respond in new ways to the growing need in the areas of mental health and addictions, building on the its successes to serve the people of Winnipeg.”

Sara Riel Inc. was established in 1977 by the Grey Nuns of Manitoba as a Community Rehabilitation Program. It is committed to improving the lives of adults living with mental illness and addictions through quality voluntary programs focused on best practice, client choices and partnerships, provided in a community-based setting.